Murky Waters

Murky WatersA gifted private investigator, a billionaire cruise line operator and a group of alleged terrorists cross paths in a contemporary political novel based on actual events.

Marc James, the renowned P.I. other investigators seek out for guidance, meticulously hand-picks his clients. But this time his curiosity about a motiveless, drive-by homicide draws him and a former client into the most bizarre investigation of his career.

When bodies mysteriously appear aboard his client’s cruise ships, the CIA and FBI want answers. Marc, whose loyalty runs as deep as the seas beneath his client’s mega ships, engages in a relentless struggle to shield the blameless client and his shipmates from intervention and arrest by government agents.

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J Barry MitchellAbout the Author: J. Barry Mitchell has been a correspondent for the St. Petersburg Times and a private investigator. Murky Waters is a lightly fictionalized version of his personal experience in an intriguing international investigation which was rumored to have altered the course of a presidential election campaign. Mitchell has served as an expert witness in the Florida Circuit Courts and has been a paralegal and a trial consultant in both criminal and civil litigation.

updated: Feb 1, 2016